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teens, college students & young adults

Therapy can be an outlet to explore emotions and thoughts for teens, including conflicts with family or peers, attention struggles, and anxiety.


Process and Explore

Therapy can be valuable in helping you to feel understood, and in teaching you to identify and use your own voice. I will listen without judgement, and give you a safe space to process your own experiences and explore emotions and thoughts.  Young people feel comfortable in my practice, and can expect to be respected and heard. I provide a confidential space to validate one’s perspective and allow you to share intimate experiences. 


Together we will process what you’re going through and figure out why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, and then figure out how you might do things differently to create a better outcome. We will discuss experiences in your past that might be contributing to why you are feeling this way now, and what your triggers are.  Gaining insight into why certain things are happening can be incredibly impactful in helping you make positive change. You’ll learn strategies to reduce anxiety and stress that can be used now and throughout your life, techniques that will help you to make more appropriate decisions confidently, and to cope with challenges more effectively.    



As a PsyPact licensed psychologist, I have the ability to continue to work with many high school students as they transition into and continue through their college years, even if they move out of state.  Through the ease of telehealth, we can continue to work towards your goals.



While the content of our sessions will be kept confidential, I may recommend that parents be included in occasional collateral sessions when relevant, to provide constructive feedback or to enhance family functioning. 

Teens, College Students and Young Adults come to me for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Adjustments/transitions such as break ups or adjusting to a new school

  • Family or peer conflict

  • Attention struggles

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Sexuality and gender

  • Separation from parents and independence

  • Making school and career decisions

  • Alcohol/Drug use

  • Dating and relationship issues

  • Stressors relating to ‘adulting’

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