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I can help you explore important parenting questions including discipline, independence and growth, behavioral concerns and your child's mental health.



I can help give you insight into appropriate expectations for your child's developmental phase.  My experience in working with children provides me with a unique lens through which I can help you to better understand your child's experiences, as well as how your own anxiety and depression may be impacting your child (of any age).  Our goal will be to learn how to help your child thrive and to become their best self. 



You may be concerned about recent changes in your child’s behavior and we will work together to determine what may be triggering this change and contributing to these behaviors.  I will help you to reinforce positive behaviors which in turn will improve your child’s behavior and your relationship with them.



My previous experience working with children gives me an understanding of the key issues that children struggle with, and gives me the experience and expertise to offer parenting consultations and support so that you can best help your child. I have served as an admissions consultant to The Pingry School, a private school in NJ, and provided psychological services at private practices in northern New Jersey and Maryland. I have also led parenting groups and given parenting-related talks in child care centers, schools, and residential treatment centers.



A parent consultation typically consists of one to three sessions, during which we will discuss communication strategies and behavioral plans. If your child is still struggling then I will provide you with referrals to colleagues who offer testing, evaluations and therapy for your child. If we determine that there are additional personal issues that you want to further address, I am happy to offer you individual therapy. 

parents come to me for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Helping your child deal with anxiety and phobias

  • Helping your child navigate friendships

  • Dealing with your child’s sexuality, gender identity

  • Difficulty managing triggers/anger related to children

  • Increasing communication and trust

  • Child’s behaviors

  • Realistic expectations related to child development

  • Grandparent involvement and setting boundaries

  • Conflicts with a partner over discipline

  • Sibling relationships

  • Family issues – divorce, adoption, relationships

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