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Are you looking for help in managing your emotions, understanding how to help your struggling child, or negotiating your relationships?  There are so many stressors in life that can feel overwhelming, but I can help you learn to deal with them more effectively.  


As a clinical psychologist, I understand the impact that anxiety, depression, sadness, and unhelpful behavioral patterns can have on your life. I also know how difficult it can be when your child is struggling. Working with me, you will gain valuable perspective and learn coping skills to better manage your own challenges and live your best life.

Specializing in...

Dr. Alyssa Austern

Encouraging and upbeat, I offer a warm and inviting connection during which you can feel safe and comfortable to explore and process difficult thoughts and feelings. Together, we will work to help you find and trust your own voice, to feel empowered to make necessary and meaningful changes, and to revise unhelpful patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck. 


You will develop the knowledge and support to feel better presently, and acquire new insights that can be applied throughout your life so you can deal more effectively with whatever challenges come your way.


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